Broccoli Bingeing…Not!


I haven’t heard of too many people complaining about their Vegetable Hangovers.

Oh my stars… I ate so much kale, my eyes are puffy and I am soooo dehydrated…I can’t remember much after the 4th plate.

It’s not just vino, booze, and bubbly that I have troubles moderating…it’s also ice cream, chocolate, and chips…sorta all carbs.  I am finding that I crave and devour those things that are the worst for my health.

It’s Day 7 and it’s time to cut out the dairy, grains, and chocolate too.  This past week, I cut myself some leeway to indulge in some “treats” to offset being Suddenly Sober.  But, a lot of the same red flags popped up.  Going back for seconds…and really wanting thirds++.

I’ve learned that those trouble spots are signs that I can’t have it AT ALL…nope not ever.

Chocolate goofs up my sleep too (and that is 85% cacao-forget anything sweeter).  Corn makes me crabby.  Sugar, of any type, makes me jittery and jacks up my adrenals.  I’m pretty certain that the trouble with alcohol is a similar sugar rollercoaster ride.  (That’s why I learned to drink vodka and tequila with citrus for minimal aftermath).  Those little games and “recipes” lead back to the same conclusion:

To maximize my health, I need to avoid those things that trigger crazy-over the top- responses in my physical and psychological well being.

What gives me energy:  GREEN.  Food that is closest to the earth and sunshine.  Cucumbers, kale, spinach to name a few off the top of my head.  Dark berries and cherries are about the sweetest I can go… an occasional green apple…but other than that and I’m looking for a carb fix later…which CAN and HAS led to wanting a “cocktail” at the end of the day.

I don’t look at it as deprivation, when I am cleaned out, I truly don’t want it or crave it-if it hasn’t been in my system for awhile.  Just like the drinks, I always TRY to give another whirl at dairy…or corn…or chocolate…and then I end up being annoyed and angry that once again… I am banging my head against the wall retrying the same mistakes over and over again.. (I think this will pop up in a future blog)

There could be some interesting posts in the next few days…as I detox out the other JUNK!

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