Making a List…and Checking It…


Like the holiday song, I’m Making a List…and…

I’m planning to check it more than twice like Santa.

…and check it often these next few weeks.  Lists help me remember…in this case I’m going to use one to “Not Forget”.

This time around, I’m going to try being Wise.

I’ve documented a LIST of things that Regretfully Revisit, in my mind, after an evening of proving… AGAIN ….that I cannot play the MODERATION GAME.  Rather than remember positive memories, I end up beating myself up about all the blunders of the past.  They play like really bad movies and sometimes I add uglier endings, but they always have heightened dramatic feelings of embarrassment, shame, sadness, relief that it didn’t end in a horrible “rock bottom”.

So I’ve done it. It’s written.  I’ve put it out into the UNIVERSE.

But I also want to make a list, REMEMBER and CELEBRATE all of the Amazing Sober Celebrations and Events I had a few years ago when I was Alcohol Free for 25 months.

  • Renovated a Home
  • Started a New Business
  • Learned to be Gluten Free…then Grain Free
  • Lost the last stubborn 10 pounds and reset my Adrenal Health
  • Took Risks, and Chances, and Was Brave…while SOBER
  • Celebrated my parents 50th Anniversary – 1 Week Family  Reunion
  • Attended my Niece’s Wedding
  • Threw a 50th Birthday Party for my Husband
  • Enjoyed THREE Christmas and New Years Eves–Birthdays and Anniversaries
  • Attended countless dinners and other social events – with ease

I haven’t really “announced” anything this time around. I’m sort of exploring those feelings.

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