Be Ready!…In Advance…



I have a new friend.  Her name is Belle.  She is the fabulous blogger of Tired of Thinking About Drinking. She is also an author of same titled book.  Click here to check it out! I just finished reading it today. It is my first official “read” about learning to be sober.  It is really so much more than that… and all I can say is:  “It is a MUST READ!”

In addition to her fabulous writing, she is a SUPPORT SYSTEM SUPERSTAR.  I somehow stumbled onto receiving a daily email and I’ve pledged (to her) to open and respond to them to everyday through January 2.  Today’s “open” was a fantastic audio clip.

Belle’s message focused on collecting/having/developing Sobriety Tools “IN ADVANCE”.  My pledge to respond means I need to “hit reply” and give her a bit of my thoughts on the topic.

Here is my response for today:

Hi Belle:

Great audio.
Collecting strategies to have in the toolbox “in advance” to STAY ON THE ROAD (great analogy) seems key.
…(snip) ….It lead me to another analogy for my crazy mind…

When stuck on a deserted island, waiting for the rescue squad…
It may be best to gather the wood and build the big signal bonfire…rather than wait until you hear the helicopter and then try to scramble around collecting old bark.

Only needing to strike a match and signal for help…seems a lot easier than running around with one’s head cut off like a chicken.
For me, that would be the difference between calm readiness and anxious panic.

So glad I found you… almost done with your book… just started the 4th section.
Merry B Sober

Belle’s book contains an appendix: “60 Magic Sober Tools”.  I don’t think she will mind me sharing Tip #1:  “Write in a journal every day for your first 30 days sober, no matter what, (can be private, or anonymous on a blog, doesn’t matter).”

I’m feeling pretty happy and “glow-y” inside that I’ve accidentally committed to a primary tool. Actually have many lined up in my new and improved SOS Tool Kit.  (Love to play with acronyms…I guess we call this the Support Of Sobriety Tool Kit!)

The big takeaway today is don’t wait to have the support in place.  Do it now…so when things get oh-so challenging…I’ve got an arsenal of ideas ready to maintain success.

Click here for a sound bite of her Podcast: Episode sp159…chatting about Sober Tools.  You can subscribe to her Podcast here at the link too.

Thanks Belle!

5 thoughts on “Be Ready!…In Advance…

  1. I got her book on audio and it was my go to listening for nearly all my waking hours during the first 30 days or so. Also her one minute podcasts are lovely. That is where I go the name of my blog, sober suits me. She said “Sober suits you” during one of the podcasts that I was listening to and it brought me to my knees. I couldn’t stop crying. Sober suits you and it suits me. Keep going.


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