Pain in the Neck


Since the Summer Cocktailing began, I’ve had this pain in left side of my neck.  I didn’t tweak it or do anything odd…it just started being an annoyance.

I’ve gone to the chiropractor…done yoga…mild stretching… and it persists. I’ve been extremely suspicious it has been my body’s way of telling me to Cut out the Cocktails. Like a finger pointing on me to get my attention.  “Hey, You, Ya…the middle-aged gal who thinks she can drink more than a college co-ed…it’s time to knock it off…act your age…get some decorum for goodness sake”.

I’m curious, if I do nothing else than stop drinking…will this odd ailment go away?

I’m also sort of Beauty Conscious. I wouldn’t say I’m vain, but I do note that I’m looking a little more tired and wrinkly.  If nothing else, I know in my core that sobriety will make my eyes brighter, my skin healthier, I will look younger.  Hydrated vs. Dehydrated.  That alone should smooth out the edges.

As Audrey says:


And I think that is really the core of it.  I will be happier, which will translate to looking and feeling less stressed out.  More smiles equals more twinkle.  That much closer to Sparkle!

2 thoughts on “Pain in the Neck

    1. Yes and No…it sort of moved, was gone, then it’s sort of back. I think I’m still “working” out some hidden stress..or maybe I just need to figure out a new way to sleep. On another note, my face seems really smooth and my eyes are really white. I feel “brighter”.


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