In the Rear View Mirror: Bye Bye Booze


Today was the first Saturday, in a very long time, that I woke early and was excited to get up and start my day.  I was eager to jot down some future blog ideas in my journal and then grab my newly arrived book by Jason Vale: Kick the Drink Easily

I had an A-ha moment after reading:

“Most drinkers are not aware of the fact that it can take 72 to 240 hours for your body to get over the physical effects of alcohol” (p. 84)

That can be 10 days.

I have to admit that I had a bit of “edgy”last week (Sober Days 9 & 10) .  I put it off as “Tis the Season” since it is holiday time, and there was full moon (LOL), and my teens are acting wacky… husband overwhelmed by work…and all other kinds of excuses…but I think I was wringing out the last of my alcohol residue.  I have to say that today (Day 12) just feels different and brighter and better!

I’ve been reading and joining sober blogs.  And it seems that DAY 9 seems to be a somewhat common “Struggle Day”.  Could this be a legit reason?  I think so…

…Did a quick google search to verify the 3-10 day claim …and what appear to be some reputable sites … also mention it as a noteworthy.

…Especially interesting that it can be found in one’s HAIR for up to 90 Days.

All of this made me recall a book I learned about years ago by Susan Powter: Sober…and Staying That Way: The Missing Link in the Cure for Alcoholism (OK…really freaky crazy…when finding the link for the blog, Amazon reminds me …)


I can dust off a memory and recall that I packed up a bunch of self-help books before a move and decided that I didn’t want to unpack them in a new home – new fresh start.  I’ve admitted and messed around for more than 30 years that Alcohol is NOT my Friend.

I want to say that the message I gleaned from her book was that Sugar Imbalance had a lot to do with my problem.

…and that biochemistry plays a part and that the media and advertising make us feel badly about NOT drinking (like there is something wrong with it).

Frankly, I don’t remember much more but to say…the book obviously made an impact on me…enough to second guess getting rid of it…and only ditching it because I was too embarrassed and ashamed to have it be in my life anymore.  But I think I was ready then…

However, it would be another 5 to 6 years before I start and put together the 25 Month Run and learned I really can live a beautiful, wonderful, fulfilling and FUN life without alcohol.

I will just be thankful for today… Sober…and no longer trying to stubbornly prove over and over and over ….and over and over…again that I can live a life with occasional alcohol.

Time to see what Susan Powter has been doing this last decade or so…Susan Powter Fan Page




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