Why Don’t You …? Because I Don’t Want To …!


The Parties are going to get started this week, so I was pondering and preplanning to have my toolkit ready.  What if people ask Why Aren’t You Drinking????

So…Yesterday I was getting ready to write a blog draft with a title:

I’m Out of Drink Tickets… and Other Quippy Replies/Announcements

I was ready to make an announcement that contained self-recognition that I HAD been a drinker and due to being such a Superior Over-Indulger, I’m DONE.  As I mulled over other cute and funny and merry and bright answers I did some more reflecting.

I had a lot of “Reasons”, I had used over the past couple decades, to explain away my SOS (Sessions of Sobriety).

  • I gave it up for Lent
  • I’m the Designated Driver tonight
  • I’m on medication
  • I’m doing a No Sugar Challenge
  • …a Cleanse
  • I just feel better…I’ve really struggled with my adrenals and hormone health
  • I want/need a Good Night’s Sleep
  • …and a couple decades ago it was…Pregnancy

People are so NOSEY!  (Or as I am coming to discover, the ones who ask or bug, are not really comfortable with their own relationship with alcohol-But I swear I am NOT judging…just observing)

Regardless the reasons why people ask…I’ve got my new answer:


Of course this will probably need a cute delivery. (As I looked for an image for this post – one of my favorite aspects of blogging – everything was temper tantrum oriented) .  I still want to be sparkly and bubbly in personality.  I’m not looking to go on a crusade to save everyone from the evils of alcohol (or at least not yet…LOL)

I used to feel that when I didn’t drink, I had to somehow justify that I don’t have a PROBLEM. (I have worn this Sober Super Hero Suit successfully in the past).  But I was perplexed that the society acceptance of drinking somehow required me to EXPLAIN or JUSTIFY or BELITTLE sobriety … giving alcohol all THE POWER.

And I think this is WHY I decided to stop drinking a couple weeks ago. And begin to explore what others thought about it all. Find COMMUNITY.  Declare a new Sparkly Sizzilious existence for myself.  (Shout out again to Bex Weller and her Happier Hour and Sexy Sobriety)

Rather than write yesterday, I did a lot of reading

But… a new perspective was gained by:

 Kick the Drink…Easily!  By Jason Vale

So many great takeaways from this book.  But the biggest aha moment, from me, came from one of his opening paragraphs on page 10:

“Alcohol as always been seen as very different from any other form of drug taking: so much so that drinking alcohol is rarely described as drug taking at all.  But, for a significant majority, drug taking it is and drug addition it is.  What is more, it is the only drug in the world where, when you stop taking it, you are seen as having a problem.

Yes Yes Yes I’m jumping up and down and screaming like a wild fan.  This is it.  I have lived this completely odd experience of feeling that a good, healthy, wise decision to NOT drink is some sort of declaration of Failure to Succeed.  That somehow I should be branded, dare I say in today’s society, a QUITTER.

What other drug do we teach our children to ingest?  Pressure our peers to participate?  “…alcohol is seen very differently.  It is the only drug that people will question you not taking” (p. 12)

Jason’s book peels back and reveals the CON that drinking has benefits. He makes a great case for FREEDOM. His final pages lay out some steps I plan to explore in more detail in 2017. But I’m going to chew on this for now:

Remember THE PAST DOES NOT EQUAL THE FUTURE… It’s what you do today that counts. …You will succeed and it’s easy…


knowledge is nothing without the final ingredient for your ultimate success which is ACTION. (p. 276)

I’ve got a new lens….

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