Make Your Bed



Make Your Bed…is one of the simple things I learned growing up.

For years, I didn’t do it.

…and as I write this I am really wondering WHY I haven’t taught my kids to do it…(at least I haven’t demanded it in the last 5 or so years). Hmmmm this may be a 2017 New Year Challenge!  {With teens, it may require bribery.}

This past summer, I simply decided to start making my bed EVERYDAY. I’m not even sure what motivated me to start up again after leaving home, for college, in 1981.  Reflecting on my rediscovered habit…maybe it was the beginning of knowing I wanted to make some changes for myself.

You know what?  It really is a game changer.

  1. I START my day, and avoid the mindset of “Oh, I’ll just go back to bed after…” and I had many days when I wanted to do that after drinking the night before, or adrenally fatigued, or depressed, or…feeling overwhelmed.
  2. It is relatively easy to do…simple, not much brain power or physical strength required…and quick too.
  3. It is one of the few things in my life that I can control…and at the end of the day (regardless of what came my way), the bed is still made.  It makes me smile.

I went hunting for a graphic for today’s post and found some great blogs about the benefits. Check out:

And this from Navy Seal Admiral McCraven:

After doing this brief research, with pride, I snapped a picture of my own bed- one of my many “little” accomplishments of the day.

I’m reminded of the Tanzanian proverb:



{Note, I got so inspired, I updated my bed pillows with red shams and my little Santa plush…then picked up some poinsettias for $2 at the grocery…uploaded new picture 12/24}

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