Presents of Presence


I was a Happy Elf this morning, wrapping gifts and listening to a recording of A Christmas Story by Point of Grace and reflecting on a wonderful holiday party last night – Sober.

{Although I had sparkling water in a giant fancy glass which elicited some comments of “Nice Martini”….no one really knows or cares!… a few asked for clarification…and I found that not bothering to explain, just simply reply, WATER…no one asked me why…it’s my new tool.  Don’t bother to explain…just sip water and nod}

Biggest Take Away?  I got Presents of Presence last night.

I’ve been working on Active Listening and High Mileage Questions. I am participating in an online Nutrition and Holistic Health School.  I’m halfway to earning my certificate from IIN – Institute of Integrative Nutrition.

Last night I engaged with guests.  I actively attempted to connect in a meaningful way, rather than just the basic one answer type questions.  I got to know some new people.  I left when my kiddo was ready (Hubby got there later and stayed later).  Got home.  Washed my face.  Put on Jammies and cracked open my latest read:  When Breathe Becomes Air by Paul Kalanithi.

Woke refreshed.

Made my Bed. (giggle)

Started a super productive day…Gift Wrapping (mentioned earlier), 4 mile walk, Me Appointment, Trip to the Grocery, More Wrapping, Drive with the Permit Teen, Final Christmas Gift for Hubby found and purchased, Close to Finishing the Wrapping, Text Exchange with College Roomie… Making a Big Family Dinner…quick minute for this blog…and check on some other new friends’ Sober Blogs… Steady…not Manic or Crazed or Rushed…just good Productivity-which is another PRESENT.

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