PreParty Redefined


Back in the teen days and young adult years, a night out included pre-party cocktails.  Getting ready equated started the buzz humming.

I’m entertaining 24 peeps tonight, a majority are of drinking age.

Instead of worrying about the alcohol, this year I put my energies into some other party details:


In the past, the adults drink, and the kids entertain themselves.  We get separated and it would seem logical that the kiddos would begin to be programmed that the way into the adult circle is to become a DRINKER.  This has me a bit unsettled (frankly rattled…but I will reflect more on THAT POINT after the holidays.)

My Mom is a funster, and put together a fun After Thanksgiving Dinner game last month.  LEFT RIGHT CENTER.  Everyone needs to start with three markers, coins,….and I decided to play with dollars.  New Pre-Party item is born:  Go to the Bank to get Dollar Bills.


I’m concocting a Christmas Eve Brew – non-alcoholic of course.  At the punch station, I will provide: mineral water, sparkling fruit juices, and some champagne.



  • Organic Lemonade
  • Cranberry Juice Concentrate to pink it up
  • Ice Cubes…


Saw a pic somewhere, and made some cranberry and thyme ice cubes last week.  They were  a bit of a disaster…when they melt, there are miniature tree branches floating in the glass.  LOL.  I will add them to my punch, since no one will be sipping off the top.



After rethinking it… I am determined to having something fun floating in my holiday cheer.  I’m going to make some lemon juice cubes with lemon rind to melt and add flavor to my sparkling water tonight.



I have, for obvious reasons, had so much more energy these last couple of weeks.  Although some of this may seem trivial, this is really my own record/diary to remind myself of how much BRIGHTER things have been…even with rain and gray skies.  I was eager to start my day yesterday, ended up going to a 5;45 workout, then hit Target at 7am opening…and it was empty and quiet and found some fun decorations for my appetizer table.  A friend and I scooted out to the Farmers Market and found this red chard.  Who would have thought it would make such a colorful Christmas vase?


I BELIEVE I have found my key to joy and happiness and fulfillment:  SOBRIETY.

Happy Christmas Eve

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