2nd Day of Christmas…Cook Your Food


Time to get Chopping!!!

With new businesses such as Postdates (i will give credit to a brilliant idea) that will deliver anything and everything to you… it is even easier to avoid cooking your own food.

With two teenage – “trash can eaters”… who can order candy delivered from convenience stores and fried food/soda pop to be delivered from any fast food restaurant… I’m really on a mission to cook fresh home cooked food (the only saving grace is that their pocket money only allows them an occasional order…the delivery fee is ridiculous IMHO…but until they can drive or decide they want to spend their money differently…oh well..gotta let them make some less than brilliant decisions).

As for me… I can get lazy a pop open a “healthy” can of soup… and keep the pots and pans clean.

…But it is really such a better experience for me when I cut the veggies, sauté them in grass fed butter, add homemade stock and get all the senses of smelling the added herbs, hearing the sizzle of onions, seeing the beautiful colors as I ladle it into a bowl, touching the spoon, and tasting the healthy yummy broth.

I must be hungry…

  • On the 2nd Day of Christmas my Health Guru reminded me…Cook Your Food…
  • …and Hydration is Key for Me.

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