On the 8th Day of Christmas….


On the 8th Day of Christmas my Health Guru reminded me…Nurture Your Body.

As a Mom and Wife, I tend to forget about ME.  So, I was sort of “stuck” on what I could do for myself this month…to really meet this spoke on the wellness wheel.  Google helped me get on new angle on this by finding Rita K’s visual…that Nurturing the Body will lead to STRENGTHENING my SOUL.

I’m beginning to ponder the fact that decades of alcohol have kept me from truly embracing my soul- getting to know myself.  I’m not sure whether or not to be sad or glad about this revelation.  For now, I’m just going to put it out there…plant this new seed in my thinking…water and nourish it … and see what this brings for me in this new year. But what I do know is that I have a new Core Value:




Click here for a few things I plan to implement, more often, in my self-care (thanks Mind Body Green for these 11 Ideas!)


One thought on “On the 8th Day of Christmas….

  1. Great ideas. Yes! You have inspired me. These last couple of months have I have been brutal on my body with a huge ingestion of sugar. Which hasn’t felt that much different than when I was drinking. So YES! Let’s do this. Thanks for the inspiration.

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