11th Day of Christmas…Find Work You Love

The Sunday Dreads…

Nothing is worse!

I can’t remember how many Sunday Cocktail Sessions were a way to calm the anxiety and unease of facing another week of work.  Alcohol can be a distraction for me.  From:

  • Making Changes in my Life…when Red Flags are flying and it’s seems like to much work or energy to make shifts that will enhance my life.
  • Boredom…instead of exploring and finding new hidden talents and gifts in myself.
  • Lack of Confidence…instead of recognizing I am brave…and I am in control of my world.

As I reflect back….

I’ve had a few careers in my lifetime.  It’s scary to jump ship…but it is also liberating, and exciting, and good for SELF….I’m realizing that when I was finally ready for a CHANGE…I sobered up for that time period too.  It was exciting…and I was eager to get to work…and I didn’t want the hangovers or wasted time of feeling sluggish.

…I’m in another transition… I can hardly wait to see what new adventure is in front of me.


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