Merry B Sober One Month

On Day Zero – December 6, 2016, I drank my last bubbly champagne cocktails and after-dinner drinks …  I even left a sip in the last glass (unheard of in former drunken world). I had gotten in the car to dinner, that evening, with the intention of being sober…and then after 2 drinks turned to more… I knew, in my core, that I was DONE!

December 7, 2016, I committed to being sober the entire holiday season.  Yesterday was the Epiphany (January 6, 2017) and in my blogpost Epiphany AKA Insight, I predicted I would feel the following:

I will become WISE and I will declare for my soul that there is no need to drink – ever again – in my fabulous wonderful lifetime.

I am happy to report that the statement is indeed a fact.  I do not plan to drink again….EVER.

Merry B. Sober blogging will keep me accountable.

I think sobering statistics in   Good “Stuff” from THE WEEK really helped to cement the commitment.  I love my life.  Why would I want to shorten it or create medical complications all for the sake of a buzz?

Then, today, I was reading Just Sober’s Blog post: Day 14…How’s Your Liver?  and seeing pictures, real live slices, of damaged livers really drives the point home.  Watch the video!


I like my organs. I like my liver.  I wouldn’t purposefully damage my face… How can I be in my 50s and really just “beginning” to grasp consequences of binge drinking?  Seriously???

Thankfully… I do believe I’ve gained some wisdom this month.

I read back all my blogposts over the past month… In reflection, I cannot believe that I actually posted feelings of fear.

THIS IS WHAT HAS ME RATTLED. Forever seems like a very long time. A bit scary to be quite Fully Frickin Frank. (And so I will explore this Fear and other set of Feelings over this month of being merry and bright…while sober!)

{I actually wanted to edit the post, after reading it today, and take out these few lines because now they feel so ridiculous….but I also know that the little voice will start screaming in my head in the future…so I’m going to be brave.}
Love this little FISH

Which posts really hit home for me today (and I was sort of surprised by what I wrote) ?

So I’m on a journey… Solstice to Solstice Sobriety (rather than 1 day at a time, I’m jumping into seasons at a time).  Winter to Summer 2017. Check out Sober in Richmond’s Words:

“…It really helped me to have the power of the whole darn earth behind me rather than a day or date on a calendar. I like Winter to Summer because the days get longer, and each day brings about more promise and more hope. It’s an incredibly magical thing, the Solstice to Solstice!”


Forever seems more fun with a Season to Season Celebration!

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