She Believed in Serendipity


In the Fall of 2016, I set out to create a life where I could SHINE and SPARKLE — really live a fully brilliant life with purpose –be the best I could be, rather than just exist as a Wife, Mother, Sister, Friend, Daughter…and PERSON.

I just wasn’t completely ready to “break up” with my friends: Chilled Martini, Bubbly Champagne, and Wicked Wine. So, I was fizzling out!  I was shining and then clouding myself over with booze which only dulls the brightness.

Red Flags such as: over indulgence, counting cocktails, fuzzy memory, …and pondering a buzz drive home…gave way to questions like:

  • Where the F&@# is this road leading?
  • What message am I sending to my teenagers?
  • When am I going to grow up and stop trying the same bad ideas over and over again?
  • How is this really affecting my long term health?

I am a smart intelligent grown woman. Why diminish even one moment of my life? I want to be happy …and SPARKLE…be Sizzle-icious.  I just heard recently that researchers have seen trends that happiness stems from love.  Most of all LOVE of SELF.

What it comes down to for me…I’m ready to love myself.

I was AF for 25 months a few years back. I had already proven to myself it is possible (and easy when the commitment is made). It was time for ME to declare…and then commit daily through journaling…and so this blog was born.

How did I name it? I chose December to Epiphany…so there was Holiday theme…and then Christmas Songs…

Merry (Happy) and Bright (the Shiny Sparkle theme)…and SOBER (the goal!).

It was available on WordPress…Boom… off and running

…and then the site asked for an email address and contact info…..


I want to be publicly accessible…but for my teenagers sake, (and probably a little fear of my own) I wasn’t ready to tie this to my “Real Life”name and email… {as I write this, I have only shared the blog with 2 people in my life… JG and AC… not even the hubby or the parents or siblings. I will say this much… My name is Mary…I’m 53 …and a Leo….LOL}

So, I really got a kick out of playing with my blog name (to create a related email address) and what bubbled up to the surface?

Merry B. Sober

This is Serendipity: the occurrence and developments of events by chance in a happy and beneficial way.

I Love my new name!

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