Merry B Sober meets the Numerologist

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I’m having a blast playing around with this number “thing” on a cold January morning. The playfulness theme ironically (or not) sorta matches Merry B Sober’s numerology report for her numbers for Destiny and Soul Urge/Heart Desire. (More fun and carefree).

Yesterday, I wrote about my relationship with the number Thirteen.  Which led to finding a numerology “quiz” today based on my birthday and birthname.  It was eerily accurate in describing me and my traits and quirks.

Then I had a crazy fun idea flash through my mind later this morning…

“Let’s use my Day 1 (December 7, 2016) and newly created sober name (Merry B Sober) to see what the numerologist report has to say about my new future Sober Self.”

Oddly enough, my two “birthdates”  yields the same number: (1) ONE.

Funny, Odd, Haha, Coincidental that the LIFE PATH is the same for Mary and Merry? I think not.  LOL.

Your Life Path number reveals a broad outline of the opportunities, challenges and lessons you will encounter during this lifetime.

Ok, I said to myself, let’s learn about Merry’s Destiny Number (based on matching letters to the alphabet to numbers…)

Unlike the Life Path number which reads as you are, the Destiny number more correctly reads as you MUST or what you can aspire to become.

Worked out to be a (5) FIVE.

So what am I to become?  As I listened to the video voice, I furiously scribbled key words

  • Freedom
  • Variety
  • Easy Going
  • Adaptability
  • Handles Change Well
  • Multi-Tasker
  • Versatile
  • Loves Change
  • Colorful
  • Interesting
  • Planner and Goal-Setter
  • Spice in Life
  • Intuition


My head and heart summed it all up with the notion that:

Merry B Sober is upbeat and joyful.  (Mary’s report was accurate but more serious, not as much FUN and FLEXIBILITY!!!  Click here to see every number’s analysis.)

I already like the new Merry.  She is bright and sparkly.  Just like I wanted to be…and the new AF version is proving to reveal the glitter.

So what about Merry’s Soul Urge or Heart’s Desire?  One uses the vowels in the name to find the number.  This is supposed to be one’s personality and hidden motivations.  The use of vowels parallel the tender hidden side things…just like the sounds some vowels make.  Overall, it’s the Prompting of the Soul.

Screen Shot 2017-01-14 at 11.23.47 AM.png

Scribbling again… Heart Desire 5

  • Gifted Storyteller
  • Charming
  • Fun Loving
  • Freedom
  • Variety
  • Gifted Speaker
  • Hard to Focus, Easily Distracted
  • What’s Next?
  • Spicy
  • Don’t like Molds
  • Good Goal – Stay Grounded

I hunted around the internet for a bit more on what could be in store for Merry’s Soul Urge 5 Score description:

The energy of the 5 is more dynamic and volatile, impulsive, responsive to the moment, and less controlled; however, it is not aggressive. It is a vibration of action and change. Some of the more positive traits that are representative of those with 5s in their numerological chart are; stimulating, witty, charismatic, optimistic, inspiring, daring, adventurous, energetic, sensual, tolerant, flexible, adaptable, curious, enthusiastic, easy going, and a free spirit. 

But here was the downside… (cough cough)

On the negative side the 5 is irresponsible, gets bored easily, can be overly excitable and emotionally superficial. Those with 5s in their chart have a tendency for indulgence, often expressed in sexual promiscuity, overeating, or drug and alcohol abuse. Mary’s Soul Number = 7

Listing it as a reminder..but making the font really small, as to literally minimize the desire to fall into the negative traits. (Am I losing it my mind…nope just having some fun)

So ends my numerology lesson for today.




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