I’m adding a new word for 2017…


Besides liking the way it sounds when I say it out loud….(and I’m sick of commenting on my lack of moderation)… It’s a state of being …that I would like to find comfortable this year and into the future.

Moderateness: quality of being moderate and avoiding extremes; the middle of extremes…

I’ve already reflected that I am NOT a Moderate in the drinking department, but I also tend to get a bit…um…hyper-focused …and then teeter-totter over to the land of distraction…and then soon enough I find that

…I’ve got way too many plates spinning in the air at once.

This looks like:

  • Reading 5 books
  • Knitting 4 projects
  • Enrolled in 3 on-line classes
  • Juggling 2 gym membership schedules
  • …and only me…

And that doesn’t even begin to address it…

I spent last weekend with reflecting on a management plan for this “overabundance of unfinished activity”.  I completed some projects and made a pledge NOT to start anything new (unless I mindfully decide to put something else aside for awhile).  I think it’s all about being present and mindful in my decision making.  (Aha moment)

I’m eager to read (devour) all that I can from other writers and authors who are sharing their alcohol free living.  But rather than checkout on my family and real life, I’m going to practice moderateness and limit myself to one book per month.  Rather than keep shoveling it in…I’m going to read and ponder before diving into the next one. It’s just sort of worked out that way over the last couple of months.  So…I’m going to wait until my 2 month mark (February 7th) before I get to crack open my next book.

I’ve figured out how to add a new tab to my blog menu:  Books I Read

Here are a few more details about each of these gems:

November 2016   A Happier Hour by Bex Weller.  Somehow I stumbled onto Bex through a social media link (I was actually sitting buzzed on the coach).  She has a website program called Sexy Sobriety and her new memoir had just released in August.  I was very intrigued with the idea of participating in a 90 day program that did not involve attending AA.  Sobered up…pondered some more…bought the book.  After getting through Thanksgiving and a family celebration in the wine country… I was ready!  Merry B. Sober was born.

December 2016  Kick the Drink… Easily by Jason Vale opened my eyes to the concept that alcohol is no different than any other drug. That was/is a huge mindset shift.  I want to thank this community of bloggers for recommending that title!

January 2017  Drinking to Distraction by Jenna Hollenstein.  Her memoir is so relatable to my journey and she begins a meditation practice – something that has been calling to me.  I am going to spend the rest of the month continuing my “crawl” into a practice.  Deepak Chopra sent me an link to a recording Modern Meditator: How to Quiet Your Busy Mind and Discover Who You Really Are…

I think if I let each book speak to me and build on the previous month…by the end of 2017 I will have rich, deep… Moderateness Foundation.  I’ve already got the building blocks of:

  • Commitment to Long Term Goals
  • Comfort with Mindset Shifting
  • Meditation

I’ve chosen Annie Grace’s THIS NAKED MIND: Control Alcohol, Find Freedom, Discover Happiness, and Change Your Life  for next month.

Anyone have any other great titles that “I Must Read”????

5 thoughts on “Moderateness

  1. I love this concept and sometimes face the same issue. So glad you shared – I’m going to check out the Deepak Chopra link as well!


  2. I’ve read this book over and over again: “Drinking: A Love Story” by Caroline Knapp. I’ve given away and then had to buy it again. ; )
    I can so relate to the starting millions of projects. Good luck!


  3. I love this post. I can so relate to having 5 books on the go at the same time. Avoiding extremes is VERY good advice for addicts I’ve heard this over and over on the bubble hour pod cast.

    Annie Grace’s book is my absolute favourite!

    Another really interesting book about women and alcohol:

    I’ll join you on the quest for moderateness. xxx


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