Chicken Soup for….


Chicken Bone Broth is one of my go-to stables for feeling “better”.  That includes trying to get over sugar cravings (or the wicked wine want-somes).

It has to be the homemade “takes at least 2 days” kind for it to work it’s magic.  Nothing that comes off the shelf at a health food store or market.

I swear it is miraculous for colds and flu.  But I think I’ve found my nectar for calming my mood.

At least that was the case today.  I have three teens…all in high school…it’s been a frazzling week.

Thank goodness I made broth last weekend.

Want to know how?

I spend the extra and buy free range wings and necks.  Ask the butcher to crack them open so the marrow can release.  Buy about 4 pounds.

Throw them in a stock pot with lots of filtered water.  Organic Veggies.  2 Tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar to release the “marrow” from the bones.  Then I slow boil for at least 2 days.  The last 12 hours I add a bunch of organic herbs. Strain.  Pour into jars. Notice how dark mine is….it’s just chicken…the extremely slow 48 plus hours produces a richer bone broth.

You can watch….How to Make Bone Broth by Tara Reyburn – YouTube Video (5 minutes)

There is a ton of “research” out there for it’s health benefits.  But I like Dr. Axe and Katie the Wellness Mama.  Simple info.  One of the best benefits: Boosts Detoxification.  I believe that when my gut is healthy…most of my cravings diminish dramatically.

Bone Broth Benefits for Health by Wellness Mama

Bone Broth Benefits…  by Dr. Josh Axe

It’s Good for my Soul.

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