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I’ve been trying to surround myself with as much positive energy as possible.  I really enjoy @PowerofPositivity.  This Instagram post really hit home for me today.

It was a bumpy week with all three of my teenagers.  The media reports have been a shit storm too.  I’m really trying to ROOT myself so that I can find more humor in what I cannot control.  I beginning to understand that owning my core values will strengthen my foundation.  To own, I have to know.  Having numbed myself for awhile, I think I missed out on getting to know myself fully.

Time to get to work. Put on those boots.

I haven’t always felt super confident in my parenting skills and I’m constantly searching out parenting books.  Trying to gain knowledge and insight.  For some, parenting is just second nature (or so they pretend to display to the world).

I seem to second guess myself a lot.  I’m not happy with that.  I let outside forces (and my partner in all this) sometimes sway me from what my core tells me is best for MY kids.  Let’s face it……What’s good for one kid isn’t always best for all.  I DON’T look at education or parenting as a  “one size fits all”.  I feel we are all unique individuals.

Maybe I am just making all of this harder than it needs to be.  I’m trying to value my intuition more.  It is at times, so strong, that I try not to get caught up in impulsivity.

Maybe it’s because I am super sensitive…and reflective?

This is flying all over the place…but rather than over think it…and edit…I’m just going to keep typing…LOL…feel free to stop if your readers’ head starts spinning.

I take my role as a parent really seriously. We were “chosen”…literally by birthmothers to parent our first two kids (Girl, age 18 and Boy, age 16).  After 8 EIGHT miscarriages and 7 years of infertility, my youngest son, 14 (who I was told was miscarriage #9 and then a heartbeat was found a pre-op for D&C and tube typing) came into my life.  I went from 0 to 3 kids in less than 3.5 years.  Even the most sane would and could find themselves in overwhelm.

[5 hours later after a Yin Yoga Class and Guided Meditation]

Yoga is grounding.

My roots are growing…deeper…thicker… I will weather any upcoming storms with a lot more stability.


2 thoughts on “Stormy

  1. Sadguru once said that we should realise that we(parents) are just here a couple of years before them(kids). So stop thinking that you need to have all the answers….I think of that each time I feel inadequate as a parent. I love YIN Yoga, it’s awesome. xxx

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  2. Raising kids is pretty hard and can feel really overwhelming sometimes. I’d like to find a single parent out there who thinks that they have done everything perfectly right. All three of my boys were just different personalities. My ex husband and I used to joke about it – how can they all be so different when they all have the same parents?! What worked for one didn’t work for the others, that is true. I think we can only do the best that we can while following our instincts, love them, nourish their little souls and be open and honest with them, and let them know and feel that they can be open and honest with us. ❤

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