Finally February

I had extremely low energy yesterday.  I shuffled through the “always analyzing everything probably too much” card catalog in my head

  • Dairy?
  • IceCream (Dairy + Sugar) the night before?
  • Not enough sleep (why?…the ice cream? the dairy?)

Then it hit me…I am always READY FOR FEBRUARY.

I don’t know if it the post holiday reorganization or the old habits screaming to be let back out on the loose (those “intentions” only last so long …right?)

I didn’t start the sobriety on January 1…some probably would think I was nuts to give it up “going into he holiday season” on December 7th.  But, I had done the “Last Hurrah” enough times before…and I had had sober holiday season before.  It was easy to pick the later choice.

So here I am…

Felt good to pay bills and do some paperwork today (youngest is home sick…not sure if that is for real or Freshman-itus…so hard to tell the difference).

Ready for February.


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