Here I am again…

….and it’s Groundhog Day.  February 2, 2017

I know carbs and sugar are not good for me.  I’m feeling blessed and ecstatic that I’m not having the same craving for wine and vodka ….that I am for ice cream and chocolate chips.

But…I’m feeling like….Same game… similar rules… different vice.

I actually give myself a pat on the back for never taking up caffeine. (Always good to start change with a compliment for what I might actually be doing right …at this moment in time….)

Since it/caffeine makes me feel like I have bugs crawling in my hair and then I go and try to find a corner to crawl into and sleep (yes…my brain is probably a blinking ADD/ADHD light board…or should I say dim frontal lobe board)… it was easy to not take up that son of a bitch habit to break.

I was also lucky to not like cigarettes when sober.  But that didn’t stop me from loving them (and cloves) when I was drunk.  For all of you who have kicked caffeine and nicotine…you are super heros in my mind!!!

But sugar…and all the lovely carbs that turn into sugar (potato chips, rice, ….not even sweet things…but white starchy things that make my insulin surge and fall)… I don’t  like sweets…I like all the things that some would say “look” healthy…but don’t work for my tub of lub middle aged tum tum.

Let’s all sing together (can you hear the tune Jimmy Crack Corn and I Don’t Care)…that would be…

Sugar Crack Whore….And I Don’t Care….

Once I get it in my system…so hard to get it out.   No problem if this makes you stop reading… this can be too close to home on the cocktail struggles.  If I’m overdramatizing this…it’s to remind myself that nothing good comes for me when I get on a sugar binge.

Fresh Fruit before noon…is really all I should indulge in…

I just finished a one-month health challenge with about 25 other people in my village community.  4 points per day…

  • Hydration – 64oz.
  • Exercise 30 min
  • Eat 4 cups of fruit and veggies
  • Log and stay under calories on Fitness Pal

Although I technically maxed out points on the challenge…I gained …but no drinking and following all the rules…and gain a pound.  WTF.

My downfall…the damn calorie counting…as soon as I had a couple hundred calories to spare, I used them on junk food.  Carbs up….Weight Up….  Sleep got crappy the last few weeks… Month One of Sobriety came with lots of great energy and fantastic sleep…these last few weeks…roller coaster on slow down.

It’s the damn sugar.

I know this.

It’s Ground Hog Day.

I know what I need to do… I know the tools…I just stuck them in the back of the closet.

I Quit Sugar (dot) Com starts an 8 week program today.  It’s not too late to join Sarah’s fantastic program.  I’ve been following her work for awhile.  Good Stuff.

I’m going all in …. Sugar Free until April Fools Day….  I also know that keeping sugar and carbs out of my system makes it extremely easy for me to stay sober too.

Fruit Guidelines



7 thoughts on “Here I am again…

  1. I started a sugar free, paleo diet in July 2016. The most amazing thing for me is that my craving for sweet things is almost non existent now. Not only that but I am down to two meals a day. From being constantly hungry I find that all I can manage now is breakfast and dinner. I am so satisfied with the food that I eat. Not that I have lost weight, well 2kg which is not anything to brag about. I hope this changes soon. I can’t understand why my body is so damn stubborn. Sarah Wilson is awesome isn’t she. I think that would be a great programme to do

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  2. I transfer all of my drinking energy straight into sugar. But for me, it’s the sweets. Ice cream, gelato, cupcakes, chocolate … I am going to click on the link you sent and try the I quit sugar deal. I actually quit Feb. 1, but I need some support!

    If you really want to turn yourself against sugar, watch That Sugar Film. It’s entertaining and VERY eye-opening.

    Good luck!


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