Merry B Sober 5 MONTHS


So… I woke up yesterday and looked at my phone and wondered “What’s going on today?”  It was May 7th ….and I kept thinking I was forgetting to do something…an appointment.  This seemed unlikely since it was Sunday… I couldn’t really think of it being anyone’s birthday…

Then it hit me…the 7th is my “SOBER date”.

I would have loved a celebratory drink on a few occasions this month…

  • Sending the daughter off to Senior Prom
  • Toasting the Freshman’s Sport Championship Win
  • Meeting the new neighbors who moved in across the street this weekend
  • Cinco de Mayo (in the Southwest)

But… I accepted my new norm.  I wasn’t sad or pissed or angry… I don’t think???

I was a bit cranky yesterday afternoon. But I think it was less about NOT TAKING CARE OF MYSELF (ate ice cream for dinner the night before…only fruit before a 2 hour workout… then I was overly hungry…and sort of ate a non-meal out of the fridge… )  I think my blood sugar whacked out.

Has anyone else found that if you don’t eat vegetables at least 1-2 times a day…things start to turn into a shit show funk?  or too much sugar?

So…I seem to be in a better frame of mind to acknowledge sobriety today.

As I enter MAYhem (as I like to call this month of 3 teens and end of school year activities and summer camp/activity deposits due…blah blah blah)… I am going to acknowledge that village activities can make it all seem crazy.


I am in control of my decisions.  I am happier with the toxins removed.  I will remember and enjoy all the celebrations to come up these next few weeks.  No making deals to only have 2…and then forgetting parts of celebrations.  Wondering if I said too much, or was my loud laugh viewed as being drunk rather than gleeful.

Fun Reflection: My childhood friend’s daughter is getting married.  At her beautiful shower last month, I reached out to touch a baby’s toes and broke my wine glass of sparkling water.  To pass it off, I announced “Well now it’s a party-a glass is broken”

….and my best friend added “And there’s no alcohol in it”.  She knows I’ve chosen not to drink any longer…and I’m actually reflecting appreciation that she closed down any ideas of other guests that it was because I had had too much to drink.

It is nice feeling to know that I don’t ever have to ask myself, if it was because I had had too much drink…when life’s accidents happen.

I am Merry

10 thoughts on “Merry B Sober 5 MONTHS

  1. A sincere and joyous congratulations, my friend! What a wonderful milestone. I smiled with your list setting out the events were you would have typically drunk in the past. How encouraging, knowing that we have it within us to experience these moments today by in a much healthier, positive way!
    Regarding your two servings of veges a day – yes. Like you, without a good diet and enough sleep I get cranky… and potentially more vulnerable for a drink.
    Enjoy your day, thank you for sharing, talk soon xoxo


  2. Yahoooo You! Way to go on 5 months Merry, that’s fabulous! ❤
    I really notice it the next day now if I eat badly or have too much sugar or crappy food. I'm eating healthier these days than I ever have in my life I think! lol.

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  3. “It is nice feeling to know that I don’t ever have to ask myself, if it was because I had had too much drink…when life’s accidents happen.”

    So incredibly true, and such a powerful realization that hits me again and again! It’s the silver lining on a shit storm cloud! I am so grateful to NEVER have to second guess this again, ever! It’s something that makes the sweet things in life sweeter, and the foibles more tolerable. Congrats on 5 months, Merry!


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