Gratitude “Project”

(Post Started on May 15)…


I’m taking the advise of someone wise and attempting to disrupt my “funk” with daily gratitude.

I already sort of blew it yesterday…I gave it some thought…but didn’t get it written down. So I’m going to commit in this manner…starting a blog post.


May 15

  1. Healthy Husband, Healthy Teenagers… no one is sick or injured today.
  2. Financial Security – to be able to fly to see my parents if I need or want to…put gas in my car…buy groceries… I have more than I need…and I am thankful for the opportunity to be calm and NOT anxious… that is HUGE…and I need to acknowledge it.
  3. Siblings that support me and listen and encourage and laugh and fill me up…and keep me humble and down to earth.
  4. Sober Mindset.  A switch flipped for me a little over 5 months ago.  I simply DESIRE to be the BEST ME….and that can’t happen with ANY ethanol in my system.
  5. Electricity.  Today is laundry day and I don’t have to go to the river and beat my clothes with a rock.  (I’m not reaching…I’m just going to try and dig deeper into the next 27 days in the future)

May 16

  1. A beautiful home that keeps out the wind and cold and keeps me warm and protected.
  2. Natural Gas so that I can easily cook…and dry our laundry…and heat the home.
  3. My collection of cooking tools.
  4. UPS, FEDEX and any other forms of couriers who are able to deliver all kinds of communication and goods.  (Today is was a Blue Apron order-just as I was trying to figure out what to make for dinner)
  5. Free Press in the USA – So that I can receive information from many different sources.

May 17

  1. My senses.  I have healthy eyes, ears, smell, touch.
  2. Literacy.  I love to learn, and read, and listen to others insight.
  3. My computer.  It keeps me connected and informed.
  4. The access to a functional medicine doctor – to remind me that what I eat is the key to everything.
  5. The finances to fund my own personal health and wellness.

May 18

  1. Support from specialists to take care of my home.
  2. Access to quality healthcare.
  3. Healthy Grocery Stores, close to my home, to support high quality LIVE food.
  4. Educational Opportunities.
  5. Time

May 19

  1.  Natural Healers
  2. Mother’s Day gift (amazing massage)
  3. Sunshine
  4. Clean Drinking Water
  5. Hot Shower/Bath

May 20

{insert cricket chirps}

So now I struggle.

I’m feeling “over privileged”…and “indulged”…and BRAGGY (is that a word).  Well it’s a ridiculous sort of word to attempt to explain that my life is full of modern conveniences and I have really nothing to complain about… (is that the point of this exercise?)

I have access to things that can be taken for granted.  Is this the lesson? 🙂

Rather than find another reason to beat myself about something…which would lead into FUNKsville……Rather than feel guilty (I can seriously turn anything into a guilt fest  WTF)

….I will give myself a pat in the back for trying to find time each day to be grateful.

…I will remember that there were times I had “very little”… especially self esteem.

At age 53, I’ve worked my butt off and supported a husband who works his ASS off so that I can have “unlimited hot water” in my shower.  But hell, I am going to be exceptionally grateful that I invested in a tankless hot water heater rather than drink hundreds of …thousands of ….dollars of wine and vodka.

So…this will be my last blog post about the project…but I’m definitely creating a habit to:


Photo credit hunt led to this great article on Real Thanks


3 thoughts on “Gratitude “Project”

  1. Really interesting article, thank you for sharing. My gratitude journaling has tapered off to a couple of times a week (sometimes once every two weeks, it just depends on what’s going on) as I felt that I was saying the same thing over and over and it was becoming a chore. Now I write when I am truly grateful and I still feel the benefits. It’s a lovely practice to have but it should come from the heart not the head as you pointed out. I also think that forcing it doesn’t work, the gratitude comes naturally when you are more tuned in and conscious in each moment of your life. After saying all that, I do still love a good moan:)

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  2. This is great! I am not the best at my gratitude lists. I say the same things over and over again and am not very imaginative when it comes to things like you mention – hot water, health care, etc. I just take those as “givens” and maybe then I am missing the point. I too wonder about feeling like I have “first world problems” and I do have them. It’s amazing what we can moan about when others are dying because of bad water or no healthcare or poverty. I know I am priviliged in many ways – not in a moral way or anything like that, but that I have all the amenities I need and more. I can travel. I can splurge on something if I want. Healthy family, etc.

    anyway, you just made me look at things differently now, and for that, I thank you.



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