ACT 1: The Taste of Alcohol…And Other Sensory Systems

Annie Grace’s ACT technique includes:

  • Awareness
  • Clarity
  • Turnaround

An alternative perspective – an exercise to resolve internal disagreements

“Play detective and look at the evidence and form an objective opinion.” (p. 22)

Awareness:  Do I drink for the “taste”?  Probably not.  Although I prefer some drinks over others.  I first mixed alcohol with juice and soda pop…

Clarity: I’ve developed a taste for straight vodka and tequila instead of sugar drinks infused with alcohol.  It also gets the buzzy feeling going quicker.  My body doesn’t like sugar (hence alcohol is not good for it either).  I suppose I have judged people and their cocktails.  Colorful drinks with umbrellas do not seem as sophisticated or cultured as a martini or thick chunky tumbler with an ice cube and clear liquid.

Turnaround: I’ve had water in martini glasses.  I’ve changed things up and order sparkling water mocktails in beautiful wine glasses.

I don’t NEED the taste of ALCOHOL.


I woke this morning and was struck by the idea that drinking is a multi-sensory experience for me..and maybe that is why the “act” of social cocktailing is a roadblock for me. It’s wanting to part of the experience.  I don’t want to feel left out.  I don’t want to miss anything.

I have had a transition in my “relationship” with alcohol.  I have no interest in drinking when I am alone (not to say that there weren’t times in my life where I would sip – alone with my solo friend).  I’ve done some work…gained some awareness about “habits” that associated themselves with alcohol:

  • Getting ready for a party in HS or College – Going to a party -Going to ANYTHING social
  • Coming home from work – after a long day – or on Friday after the week – Going to ANYTHING social
  • Making dinner for my family – waiting for my husband to come home -after putting the kids to bed – Going to ANYTHING social.

The pesky SOCIAL situations. As I ponder why… I feel it is more than taste.  I think is the…

SOUND of the bottle cork pull, the pop of the champagne, the ice in the shaker, the people in the gathering, the laughter…hum of music in the background… glasses coming out of the cupboard.  “What Can I Get You To Drink”… it’s like a introduction to the start of the fun.

SIGHT of a martini pouring out of cold shaker into a beautiful glass (let’s face it I don’t think the vodka martini would have the same allure for me if I drank it out of a coffee mug)… the rich red wine with the “legs” on the glass, the perfect beer pour, the liquor hitting the ice cubes in a clear glass.

TOUCH/FEEL the mental numb.  The looseness.  The freeness (but only for a moment)…and then I wonder if my inability to be moderate is that I spend the rest of the “drinking session” trying to find that momentary bliss between sober and buzz?

{Now my sensory exploration experiment is proving to myself that this is a new awareness that I can view and release}

SMELL … There are no smells that pull me cocktails… I can only call to mind BAD moments AFTER drinking… post party mess: stale beer, cigarette butts, puke, trash… nothing light bright and airy.

It’s time for me to Turnaround the notion that “I Drink to Stimulate my Sensory System”.

  • I love the sound of friendship and laughter when I am at a gathering.
  • The sight of nature and color in my environment and food is intoxicating.
  • It feels warm and cozy to spend time with family and friends.
  • The smell and taste of food, prepared with love, is an opportunity for gratitude and happiness.

So is it FOMO?

  • I have no FOMO of hangovers, dark circles under my eyes, regret, shame, …. depression, sadness, regret… shame… Nope.
  • I love the brightness of a new day with a clear mind and freedom to move forward without having to wonder if I recall everything that happened while drinking.
  • I can reframe my experiences and look for ways to enhance every experience as a multi-sensory “feast”.
  • ALCOHOL DULLS THE SENSES…it dulls everything.  I dulls my SPARKLE.


FIGHTING FOMO by The Sober School

THE PHENOMENA OF FOMO and the Alcoholic by K. Fitzgerald




One thought on “ACT 1: The Taste of Alcohol…And Other Sensory Systems

  1. Yeah, I expect that most people seriously don’t love the taste of alcohol, but convince themselves they do.
    I know some people love fake beer. Beer, blech.
    I never got into any of those….which is very telling. If you would refuse wine with no alcohol, then it’s clearly not really about the taste, is it….

    Liked by 1 person

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