Blowing Off the Dust

Annie Grace published a new book a few weeks ago:

The Alcohol Experiment


I am committing, for 30 days, to journal a fresh Alcohol Free Experiment.  (AFE)

As I read Annie’s intro today, I was reminded how successful I was journaling my last commitment. I opened my computer and hoped, with fingers crossed, that my previous posts were still “alive”.  Yes, all 67 archived.  Ready and Waiting for me to review.  I dug in….

Although I have some mixed emotions about rediscovering my reflections, I am, overall, thrilled that I can go back and revisit 2016/17 and the 11 months + a few days of “Alcohol Free Living”.  So far, the first 20 posts have been inspirational and a reminder of how fantastic and positive I felt… which makes it even easier to commit to another 30 days.

I will start where I did before… 30 days at a time… no worrying about FOREVER ALCOHOL FREE …for now (but noting I have put the idea in capital letters to signify it’s importance and the hint that I obviously am back here again because I diverted off my forever commitment in January 2017  (An interesting highlight from that post is after declaring I would never drink again I wrote:)

Merry B. Sober blogging will keep me accountable.

I stopped blogging in June of 2017.  I had a “single” celebratory glass of wine 5 months later.

Now I’ve spent the past 14 months popping in and out of AF Challenges.  Succeeding in some and using “Life Speedbumps” and/or Social Events to end commitments to myself.

Overall, I’m not comfortable with my relationship with Booze.

I’m excited and eager to use Annie’s “guide” to further my journey and experiment with more of my beliefs and roadblocks to finding a path that may lead to a Forever AF Life.

Remember ….SPARKLE

Notes from Annie’s first Book:  This Naked Mind

Chapter 1-14

Chapter 15-End


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