Focus on What Will Be Gained

Day 2:  “It’s Not What I Give Up, But What I Will Gain”.  Annie points out that I need to focus on the positive benefits of AF living….and shift my inner and outer language.

BENEFITS:  I’ve experienced extended sobriety, so I know how much better I feel and look.  The improvement in relationships, because quite frankly, I am happier with myself for keeping my commitments to myself.  The benefits are worth giving up the booze. I’ve experienced the “sparkle”.  (Rereading my 2016/17 blog posts have been very inspirational.)

PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR LANGUAGE:  Develop self-talk that …this experiment will be an enjoyable experience.  Use positive phrasing.  For example, say “I’m experimenting to see how much better I feel” is different than “I’m giving up alcohol for the month”.

“You don’t have to do this experiment.  You get to do it.  You have the opportunity to do this. You are excited to do this.  You are choosing to participate.” (p 30)

Idea:  When offered a drink… rather than replying with “No, I’m not drinking”…reply in the positive with “Yes, I’d love a sparkling water with lime in a festive glass”. If we speak with positive statements the subconscious mind will be happy and will enjoy the non-alcoholic mocktail.

…”How we talk about what is happening to us and around us actually changes our emotions around our experiences!” (p32)

Would we talk to a stranger, a friend, or our children the way we talk to ourselves.

screen shot 2019-01-22 at 8.59.11 pm

Day 2 Task:  Write down self talk on a piece of paper.  Are they helpful or hurtful.  No judgement-Just try to make it fun.

screen shot 2019-01-22 at 9.00.08 pm

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