Water Lemon Drop Mocktails

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Over the years, I have met up with a group of gals, once a month, for a Birthday Club gathering.  There have been many times I have been alcohol free.  So it was an easy place to be tonight.  Displayed on the counter were wine glasses of different shapes and a few martini glasses.  I brought a bottle of wine (giving away my stash) and a bottle of mineral water.  It was soooo very easy to pour the sparkling water into the beautiful martini glass and just as satisfying.  Even when the pitcher of fresh squeezed lemon and vodka mixture arrived with a guest, I took a lemon and dash of AF lemon juice, and I didn’t feel left out (as I had the last few months) because I had a different mindset.  I was looking forward to an evening of friendship and how clear and bright I will be tomorrow morning.

As I continue through Annie Grace’s Alcohol Experiment book, she addresses:

  • Day 4 Dealing with Discomfort
  • Day 5 What Are Cravings, Really?
  • Day 6 Why Willpower Doesn’t Work For Long

Quotes that stand out for me:

Spontaneous Sobriety…When your conscious and subconscious minds are in harmony and desire the same thing…there’s no struggle.  You have no cravings and no desire to go back. (p. 44)


…If the subconscious mind still believes that alcohol is key to relaxation and that you have to drink to have a good time with our friends, then those psychological cravings will creep in – sometimes years after you’ve had any alcohol.  Your desires originate from your subconscious mind. And a craving is a desire. (p. 48)


If you have a battle going on inside you…

It’s much better to be completely present and mindful during a craving… You have a choice! 


All decisions take energy…. There’s also something called the ‘what the hell effect’, which explains what happens when you abandon your quest for willpower, give into temptation, and then, since you feel badly for giving in, throw caution to the wind and end up going overboard…(p 53-54)

ACT #3. Alcohol, Relaxation, and Stress


Alcohol is not relaxing, it add stress to my life, both physically (with stress hormones) and the inner turmoil that occurs in my monkey brain… as it detoxes the alcohol.

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