50 Sober Things to Do With Friends

ACT #4:  If I don’t drink, I won’t be part of the group”.

I’ve used this as my “hall pass” to drink.  I have had many sober “group participation” successes in my past.  Yet, I let THAT voice tell myself all kinds of things to justify jumping back in with the “crowd”.

Annie Grace does a great job of summing up the societal acceptance to drink and how others have struggles too.  I love it to have someone say they aren’t drinking – I go right along with them.  I can be super supportive…but I will admit it gets old to be the only sober one in the crowd. {I’m currently reevaluated some of my “friendships”… their drinking is “concerning”… but I have never suggested they give my choice a try…However since their consumption is so extreme…I am left out…and literally I become one of the only adults in the room – NOT Fun}.


  1. Don’t Preach. (Stay Low Key)
  2. Be A Positive Example
  3. Be Creative
    1. “I’m the Designated Driver”
    2. “Big Meeting Tomorrow”
    3. “I’m on Kid/Teen Duty Tonight

I’m trying out…

  • I’m happier when I’m not drinking
  • Alcohol isn’t fun for me anymore


screen shot 2019-01-28 at 5.35.33 pm

3 thoughts on “50 Sober Things to Do With Friends

  1. I quickly realized some of my well educated, professional friends were actually boorish,loud and obnoxious. Some were actually just mean people.

    Omg. Was I like that?! Probably. If so, i never want to be that person again!

    I do stay home more. But I’m in my 40s. Being a drunk middle age woman isn’t the best look. Lol

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  2. I see it pretty much the same way as Ainsobriety: 1) oh hell NO, was I as bad as that errrr probably, and 2) a drunk mature(ish) woman isn’t a look I want anymore.

    I also think you make a good point about not preaching sobriety and just being awesome in a humble and lowkey sort of way! 😊

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    1. I saw an Self Magazine article, featuring Anne Hathaway’s decision to not drink until her son is an adult (at least 18 years from now). I love this quote she gave for one of her reasons to “take a break”
      “I don’t really like the way I do it”.


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