ACT #6 Alcohol and Health

Alcohol is NOT healthy in Moderation  

Over the years, decades, centuries…. alcohol in moderation has been marketed in my country. The United States passed a prohibition law in January 1920.  One of the most notable things learned from it is that people will do almost anything to drink AND distribute it to eager participants.

Even in the past ten years, it seems that there has been a pendulum of health claims to support moderate consumption.  I even went as far as joining a “Health Conscious Wine Club” that finds wines around the world that are sugar free, sulfite free, perserverative free…cause that’s the problem with wine (insert sarcastic snarl).  Nevermind the fact that alcohol is pure ethanol, “which is extremely toxic…”.  In 1988, the International Agency for Research on Cancer declared alcohol a carcinogen in 1988.

It took 30 more years for a global study to announce that there is NO safe level of drinking. Not a sip, not a fractional ounce.

2018 NPR Article: No Amount of Alcohol is Good For Your Health, Global Study Says

2018 Time Magazine: A New Study Says There’s No Amount of Healthy Drinking

Why are there no disclaimers in alcohol ads?  There are for every other drug ad.

“In a study of harmful effects of 20 drugs, alcohol came in as the most dangerous drug.  It’s more harmful than heroin or crack cocaine when you look at the ratio between toxicological threshold [or how much it will take to kill you] and estimated human intake.” (Grace, p 111)

Besides the organs in the body… there are alcohol related injuries and the mental health depletion.

The Impact of Alcohol Related Injury

Scholarly Articles for Alcohol and. Mental Health Decline

The Role Alcohol Plays in Sexual Assaults on College Campuses


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