Being Bored

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I think boredom (or what I thought might be a boring event) “drove me to drink” at times.  Too lazy to come up with something fun to do…it was easy to say “let’s meet for drinks”…or “Let’s open a bottle of wine tonight”.

Annie Grace addresses boredom on Day 17 of the Alcohol Experiment.  She points out that some people are uncomfortable with themselves – when alone with their thoughts.  “And over time, we learn to be ashamed of this state of boredom” (p. 146)

Drinking blurs everything.  It doesn’t make it more exciting or interesting.  If I’m drinking to make being with someone bearable… I shouldn’t be with that person anyways… throw away the notion: “They drove me to drink”.  Choose not to waste time with people who need to be blurred to be tolerated.

“Boredom has a purpose.” Allow the discomfort to get creative.  Look for color.  Hunt down other options.

I like some of her ideas to break the boredom…light up the brain. Annie likes things with goals that one can tick off as they get closer.

  • Try a GPS app to track daily miles…and pick a fun place you would want to visit (she gives the example of Rome)…and when you accomplish the distance…celeberate with an Italian dinner party.
  • Write a memoir or novel. Check off the chapters as they get completed.  (Maybe someday… I’ll blog for now)

Potential Boredom Busters

  • Ballroom Dancing
  • Archery
  • Cross Country Skiing
  • Grad School
  • Creative Writing
  • Art Class



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