Alcohol tolerance is your body’s way of trying to regulate itself in the midst of confusing signals and chaos. (Annie, p.151)

Alcohol affects the brain.  Makes us less inhibited- but also impairs the decision making center.  Booze hits the brain and dopamine is released for pleasure.  But the body is trying to balance itself so it releases dynorphin to counteract the endorphins.

The more one drinks…the more adaptable the body becomes and sends MORE dynorphin so we fall back even lower.

Here’s an aha moment for me:

“… Your brain is smart. When drinking for fun becomes a habit, like hitting happy hour every day after work, it can predict exactly when and how much dynorphin it needs to release.  So it prereleases the stuff! It takes proactive measures to protect your life.” (p. 153)

Dynorphin will then protect your from everything that brings you pleasure…  {YIKES!} …and eventually the tolerance built for alcohol makes us unable to enjoy much of anything in our lives.

Now that’s a BUZZKILL.

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