Be Beautiful


A big turning point for me in December of 2016, was seeing drunk pictures (that I did not remember posing for until I saw them on my phone)…

{I actually look really good in those pictures with a shit eating grin…}

I also know an hour later I was told I looked like a sloppy pig, eating drunk, in the hotel restaurant.  Not pretty.

Day 21 of The Alcohol Experiment lays out some pants about the physical deterioration from alcohol.

Alcohol Makes You Fat.  The liver views booze as poison and takes care of it before the food ingested turning all of it into fat.  The liver cannot stabilize blood sugar when it is processing liquor which can create a feeling of hunger- leading to more calorie intake – on a brain that already is drunk and doesn’t make good decisions.

Alcohol Affects Your Sleep. Without sleep, I don’t look good or feel good, which I’m sure also has an affect on my exterior appearance.

Alcohol Makes You Look Older.  “Alcohol speeds up the aging process because of a premature loss of collagen and elasticity in the skin”. (p. 167) Booze can expand blood vessels which can make the face red and flushed…and over time those blood vessels can get bigger and bigger and lead to permanent blotchiness and broken blood vessels around the nose and cheeks.  Ever seen a man with a big bulb looking nose…I have…NOT pretty.  Alcohol dehydrates.  Which besides the skin (our biggest organ), it dries out our internal systems.  Alcohol creates a zinc deficiency too…which can affect hair and nails.  Bloating – Puffiness – Stained teeth – Bad Breath – Body Odor – Saggy Skin – Red Eyes –



I’ve seen the difference in myself…When I string a bunch of sober months together… I get younger looking.  A few nights of drinking… my skin looks different.  I look older….and feel it too.





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