Sobering Health Facts

Alcohol in the Brain

  • affects brain neurotransmitters
  • interrupts brain pathways
  • slows communication from senses and deadens responsiveness
  • hinders motor coordination
  • robs the ability to manage emotions
  • causes unhappiness and irritability
  • neurologically impossible to experience pleasure
  • interferes with the ability to behave, think, and interact socially
  • impeded memory, learning, and problem-solving
  • causes permanent alternations to nerve cells and reduces brain cells
  • toxins from liver pass into the brain during alcohol metabolism
  • affects sleep, mood, personality changes, anxiety, depression, attention span
  • can result in coma and death

Alcohol in the Heart

  • weakens the heart muscle
  • diminishes transportation of oxygen to organs and tissues
  • affects the electrical system of heartbeat regulation
  • rises the likelihood of a stroke by 39 percent
  • releases stress hormones that constrict blood vessels
  • elevates blood pressure and cause hypertension

Alcohol in the Liver

  • creates toxins which are more dangerous than the alcohol
  • damages liver cells by causing inflammation which can scar the liver
  • weakens the immune system
  • disrupts metabolism
  • causes fatty liver
  • contributes to liver cancer, type 2 diabetes
  • 25% of heavy drinkers will develop cirrhosis

Alcohol and Cancer

  • increases the chance of developing cancer of the breast, mouth, throat, rectum, liver, and esophagus
  • no matter the amount, it increases the chance of cancer
  • alcohol is a known carcinogen
  • damages DNA and stops our cells from repairing any damage
  • GOOD NEWS: reducing, or better yet, stopping will lower cancer risk

Alcohol and Death

  • Alcohol reduces life expectancy by 10 to 12 years
  • 2018 research states “there is no risk-free level of alcohol consumption”
  • 7th leading risk factor for death among all ages
  • #1 risk factor for DEATH for people aged 15-49



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