Merry B Sober …another 30 days

Yesterday sort of came and went with very little fanfare for myself (on being 30 days AF).  Maybe because I have achieved this before, it didn’t have fireworks of celebration…  But, I am pleased and I do not, by any means, belittle myself or anyone else this landmark moment.  Without judging, I know that others around me struggle with this feat.  But honestly, it felt easy and breezy for me this month.

I want to give a shout out to Annie Grace and her recently published book:


I made a commitment to myself to participate in the book and journal….for 30 days.  Something different happened in this magical month.  I shifted.

I do not care to drink today.  I doubt very much that I will want to drink tomorrow.  I believe I have been rewired.

WOW.  What?  Huh?

Yep, I feel like a different human being.  It’s taken me a few rounds of sobriety, but today I feel like drinking alcohol just “simply does not make any sense” for me.

I’m not going to be brash or cocky about this.  I want to recognize that there are tools I have picked up and put down these past few years.  I have learned to use them as one uses to master other tools in their craft or trade.  With time and effort, I have learned to be comfortable being sober.

I want to call out two tools:

Community Involvement.  I made a commitment to connect with other AFers through blogs and online forums this past month.  (I’m still off social media…but I did reactivate my twitter account).

Accountability Time Frames. 30 days… 100 days… 6 months…1 year….another year…a decade. I read recently that it doesn’t matter how long…just set another time hurdle for yourself.  I’m setting my sites on the 100 Day marker = APRIL 30, 2019

On my last trip to the AF rodeo, I dropped these two tools.  I stopped connecting with my community in June 2017 (life got busy-summer) and I didn’t really even keep track of landmarks.  As a result, my brain tricked me into believing I could be a “moderate”.  I am NOT a moderate. I believe that if I had logged on that morning to check in with my blogging community, I would have had intention and focus on the positive imprints of AF living.  I slipped into old grooves in November.  Just weeks shy of one year… (at the time wasn’t even thinking about a 1 year of AF living anniversary date).  I just simply made a bad choice that evening.  I actually didn’t even have the entire glass of champagne (that night)…but the door had been opened.

I need really “Bright Lines”.  There is no wiggle room for this girl.  I’ve proven too many times that…





2 thoughts on “Merry B Sober …another 30 days

  1. 30 days is awesome. The benefits get even more profound the longer you go.
    It takes quire a long time for the body and brain to recover, but they absolutely do.

    Just think, 30 days so 30 days seemed hard. It’s those first days that are oh, so difficult.

    I look forward to hearing more of your journey!

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